A life gourmand, with a hearty appetite for life, love, mischief and merriment.

Keeping the spirit of Loki alive since 1972...Chaotic good bartender, flirt, ginger-phile, hedonist, Cubs fan, and overall rad dude living & playing near Daytona Beach, Florida.

This is NOT facebook. You might be offended. You've been warned

Stuff I'm Good At:
making people smile
going downtown

I am a fan of texting. I will text with anyone, about anything, any time of the day. Wanna be text buddies?

The First Things People Notice About Me:
They probably notice that I am smiling, laughing, and generally having a good time. They might also take note that I have a nice ass and am sometimes wearing a kilt.

I spend a lot of time thinking about: redheads, texting, napping, freckles, tumblr, curvy girls, karaoke, booze, twitter, mischief, tomfoolery, skinny dipping, Jennifers, kilts, naked conga lines, snowballs, defying convention, muffin tops, making new friends, and fun!

Activites: In my spare time, I have been known to make award winning drinks.

If I Appear Distracted, It Is Because I am Admiring That Cute Chubby Chick Walking By...

Email me: lifegourmand@gmail.com


Anonymous asked
How can you tell if a guy likes you? So me and this guy has been talking for awhile now. Went on a few dates but he takes awhile to text me. Like a few hours or sometimes to a few days? I like him and all but now all this "distance" I just don't think he likes me as much as I like him. Like maybe we're just not too open w eachother? We made out and cuddle. No sex yet. What's your thoughts on this situation ?

Umm…who are you?

I’m on the radio right now!

I’m on the radio right now!